After graduation, I worked in a variety of Art related jobs.
These jobs ranged from a layout artist at a screen printing
factory to a "show puller" for an art auction warehouse.
 After CalArts, I worked in various fields as a designer to survive.
I now teach art to visually impaired adults.
 In 1991 I started a ceramic business,
manufacturing dinnerware and since
1985 I have been sculpting models for
holographic companies like Polaroid.
 I am doing my own work, very slowly, as time allows.
I show occassionally, but am not actively pursuing a career
as an exhibiting artist. I am the sole support of my family
of four, at this time. My husband, a painter, is pursuing a career.         
 Fortunately, I've found enough freelance to sustain me for now,
but it leads to my overall concern regarding life as an artist.
I have found it extremely difficult to make a living. I regret
how short sighted I was when younger.

 My job of fifteen years is steady money even though
I don't like the work, it gives me the money to do my art.

 I have earned my living as an art teacher since graduation.
 Following a degree in fine arts
and a stint as a wolf psychologist,
marketing consultant Susan Starbird
began her career in communications.
 I now work in production at the largest
prepress service for the publishing and
advertising industry in the U.S. It ain't art,
but it sure beats sketching rompers in a backwater.
 I don't want "art" and its expenses and its frustrations to tyrannize me.