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Dear Ulrike,

Thank you for your letter.
     The Feminist Art Program was instrumental in giving me the confidence to assert myself and persevere in any chosen field.
Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago, Faith Wilding, and Paula Harper provided models of women in history and in the art world, past and present. And of course, there was the "attitude" that greeted the 70s with a new way to be for women.
 I was 19 years old in 1971 and all this made a great impression on me. Learning basic carpentry and electrical skills opened up a new world where I could be competent on the physical level. I continue to take tremendous pride in women's strength, development and accomplishments.
     The "Art World" and the "World of Accomplishments" though, were not to be my goals. My goals began to clarify and focus in my mid 20s when I developed a deep spiritual inner life that art-making nourished. After my year at CalArts, I continued my studies in Art and Education. I received my B.A. and Teaching Credential in Art and Ceramics. During this period I started having dreams that guided the direction of my life. These dreams were experiences more profound and "real" than my waking experience.
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In 1977 I had a six month period of conscious awareness of an extraordinary state. My life was completely changed by these experiences.
    I taught high school and adult education classes in art and ceramics. In 1979 I opened my own art studio and taught pottery, painting and drawing. The space was opened up to lecturers such as Adrian Saxe, whose slide show accompanied a one man show of his work in a nearby gallery. Also Nola Kurtz discussed the symbolism in art and the psyche in her slide show presentation. Child and Adult therapist Edith Sullwold involved the audience in a discussion of psychology and art. Also there were yoga classes and concerts. These were wonderful events in a beautiful space.
    In 1982 I moved to powerful and beautiful Taos, New Mexico ... where art thrives. Here, natural beauty and quiet allow one to listen.
    I continued to paint, sculpt, and work in clay on the wheel. The years 1982-84 were a great gift. I was saturated in essence and the dreams and experiences continued to deepen and open me up. I met my husband, Andrew, and have experienced another level of learning: How do I fully be my "Self" and hold that energy and honor that in another?

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It's been at various times wonderful, challenging, difficult and liberating. At present, I'm learning to embody what I desire and see what that creates. Our beliefs create our reality!
     In 1991 I started a ceramic business, manufacturing dinnerware and since 1985 I have been sculpting models for holographic companies like Polaroid. In 1995, I started a small women's spiritual support group This has been so satisfying because each of us contributes to and receives so much from the group dynamic. I feel we get to express and be our best selves. We talk, meditate and share our life's stories. Currently I am involved in my husband's business of llama trekking and outdoor expeditions in the mountains near Taos.
     Since 1977, I have been sculpting a series of small female figures.
    My life continues to develop and open to the next "chapter" of experience as it comes. I love the rich experience of life and am very thankful to be here.

Thank you Ulrike for your work and giving me this opportunity to share my experiences.

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Best wishes on your project.
Warmest regards,

Sandra Orgel Crooker