I was 19 years old in 1971 and all this made a great impression on me.
I loved the Feminist Art Program at CalArts.
Put 30 women together and see what happens. A nightmare.


It was simultaneously one of the best and worst experiences of my life.
To be in the you-count-too environment
at CalArts freed me in a profound way.
The over-all experience of a group of women trying to critique and analyze
patriarchal authority and come to terms with power dynamics within the
feminist group the intensive combination of all of these elements was,
as I always describe it, BOOT CAMP FOR FEMINISTS!


My experience in the Feminist Art Program taught me
a lot about the dangers of dogma and entrenched positions
and gave me a life-long alertness to the need for staying
open to invention, change, fluidity. This is the heritage
which I try to pass on to my students.