We must support and encourage each other.
We must share our history for the sake of women and men both.
 Don't gossip.

 Dress in a serious, professional manner.

 Show up at openings of galleries you want to be in.
 My advice? Take risks.
No whining. Question authority.
Don't take crap off anyone.
Remember people who help you.
And when you do move up, don't
slam the gate shut behind you.
I also have acquired experience and wisdom to pass on to younger women artists.
The life of an artist is often hard, but a creative life is the best path.
 I also make clear the complexity of my interests,
so that students understand that being a feminist
is not a dogmatic or one-dimensional position.

 I would suggest to young women
a similar active involvement in some
form of collective enterprise which
addresses issues vital to your lives
as a way of connecting your personal
lives to public culture and the world.

The key words for women artists today are
"networking" and "mentoring". These have
always been the survival mechanisms for
male artists working singly and in groups.

 Write about women, teach about women,
hire women, exhibit women, collaborate with women,
encourage women - this is what I feel my own responsibility to be.