In retrospect one can see how many groundbreaking ideas begin
in the experiment of the Feminist Art Program. At the time
it seemed chaotic, volatile and sometimes wrong directed,
even though it was exciting and inspiring. Twenty years later
history is trying to tie it into a neat package. It was not.

Where is our fame?


We were the first group of women artists
to study art at an accredited art school
in history. The Smithsonian Historical Records
in Washington D.C. noted this new phenomenon
in art education. I am always proud of that fact.
 The Feminist Movement as a whole is one of the most important
in the history of civilization and it is a movement of liberation
and equality which is far from having accomplished its goals.

Now that the Feminist Art Movement has begun to be historicized,
and its influence on mainstream art traced - through books, exhibitions,
symposia, and doctoral dissertations - it is clear that we did help to change
art history, and that our work continues to have a transformative impact
on many young women and men artists.