For many years I took every reference to  Yet, I have had successes in my art career.
the Feminist Art Program at Fresno and
at CalArts out of my resume. It seemed as
though history had forgotten us and what
we had done had made no impact and had
changed nothing. Having mention of it in
my resume only served as a red flag for
trouble as I applied for teaching jobs
or to obtain gallery interest.


In 1978, I decided that being an artist was not profitable,
or even enjoyable because of all the financial sacrifice.
They never taught us "career strategies" at CalArts.
 The "Art World" and the "World of Accomplishments" though, were not
to be my goals. My goals began to clarify and focus in my mid 20s
when I developed a deep spiritual inner life that art-making nourished.
 Since graduating from CalArts I have pursued the life
of a serious contemporary artist. I have continued to
grow my art and myself. In addition to my art making
I have a committment to teaching art.


 I have done art in all the years since I left the program.
I did art before the program.I am an artist. I can't see
being anything else. I don't make a living off my work.
I am not a household name in art.
 I left CalArts not as a fine artist, but a person needing to enter the real world.
For a brief time I painted children's murals for a living, but soon found a career
in interior design business.
 It is impossible for me to discuss here
why I have not had commercial success
as an artist. My trajectory has been fitful
and complex. On one hand l've been involved
in making history and my students can read
about me in books, on the other, I've been
left out of some of the most visible
"feminist" shows of the last decade.
 By the time I graduated in 1973,
I was glad to be done with it. I went
to graduate school at U.C.L.A. and felt
that I was a part of the mainstream.
 It was clear to me that, outside of art school,
"artist" is a dead profession, whether the artist is male
or female. However, a couple of our male classmates,
and none of the female that I know of, have achieved
"superstar" status in the art world.