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Dear Mr. Mueller,

The women's group was lead by Miriam Shipiro and Judy Chicago.
    At first after an interview they rejected me for reasons unknown. It should have stayed that way. When the school year started they changed their minds and said I could join them. At the time I was thrilled and anxious to be a part of a supportive group.
    It wasn't that way for me. The group was cold and critical. My project was the "Lipstick Bathroom" and Paul Brach, the dean of the school loved it. The women however offered no support and some were very mean to me.
    Now as a woman of 48 I can look back on CalArts and see where I should have been more assertive with these "ladies" and refused to join the group after they changed their minds about me. The small group from up north stayed together in a tight group. Judy Chicago was critical and uncaring.
    Put a group of women together and you have fights, disagreements, jealousy. Although Womanhouse was interesting - the overall memory of the feminist art group was that I never fit in.
    They didn't like my boyfriend - but in later years it was he who was invited to their parties! They didn't like me maybe because I wore make-up I don't know.


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I'm not friends with any of them today. I feel my time would have been better spent in a class that liked my work and offered encouragement. After all, it's expensive to go there.

    What was missing from this group was respect. They had none for anyone different from them. Instead of embracing a woman who was different they rejected her. The program was for a small group - not everyone. I'm sorry they let me in. I'm sorry I wasn't stronger at the time to tell them all off and go someplace else where I could have a good time and paint.

Put 30 women together and see what happens. A nightmare.

C. G.