stills from films by alfred hitchcock
stanley cavell mentions in his essay
'north by northwest' (1981)

in his essay cavell makes a reading of hitchcock's film from 1959 as a romantic comedy.
he does so in reference to his then latest book 'pursuits of happiness', by showing how hitchcock inscribed topics of himself, hamlet and marriage into the film. this site collects the images from hitchcocks films as an attempt to look, whether this interpretation is 'viewable'.

it is by no means intended to be used without the printed text of cavell.
for a bibliography see the 'about'-page.

pictures and quotations reproduced here are for educational use only

page, theme

(762) books instead of liquor
(763) thornhill swaps mothers
(763) cary grant
(763) in to catch a thief
(763) in suspicion
(763) in notorious
(764) the actor cary grant
(764) roger O thornhill
(765) hamlet
(765) leonard / laertes
(767) eve and the 39 steps
(768) eve, mother of roger

(768) eve, murderer
(768) plane attack
(769) telescope and mt. rushmore
(770) thornhill as hitchcock
(771) telescope (rear window)
(771) sweet tooth
(773) gay surroundings
(775) the statue eve cries
(776) fall from the statue of liberty
(776) falling from mt. rushmore
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